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The story behind the scenes

X wood furniture is a furniture brand, created in 2020 in quarantine days. Because we had extra free time, we decided to make something sexy yet useful out of the old wood.

Primarily we run guesthouse Domačija Novak and show people unique Slovenian culinary and orange wines. Due to the Covid 19, we decided to explore our creative minds and came up with a furniture brand. We want to save the trees, as much as we can and that is why our projects are mostly made out of old used wood, taken from old houses and hayracks. 

All of our projects are handmade. We also make custom-made furniture, where we try to make it as perfect as you want it to be.

Sending love, 

Jan, Manca, Aleš.

1-30-21 Maple decor upside-2
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